About the “Sydney Traditionalists”

It’s a pleasure to see another site of Traditionalist Conservatives rather than shrill partisans for the Australian Liberal Party.
– The Mild Colonial Boy, Esq. (30 IX 2012)

… it does appear to be a worthwhile attempt to create a more genuinely traditionalist political space in Sydney.
– Mark Richardson (30 IX 2012)

I am heartened by the great promise of this group.
– Senator Cory Bernardi (SA) (8 IV 2013)

… a horrifically right-wing publication and their use of scare-quotes is insulting to anyone with a brain
– Kim A. Cook (5 VIII 2015)

… mixes elements of the neoreactionary movement, paleoconservatism, traditionalist Christianity, and the European New Right in its publications and events.
– Jason Wilson paraphrasing Reid Ross (10 II 217)

SydneyTrads is the internet portal and communication page of the Sydney Traditionalist Forum, an association of “old school” conservative, traditionalist and paleoconservative individuals who live, work and study in Sydney, New South Wales.


To our knowledge, the Sydney Traditionalist Forum is the first organised traditionalist community in the Sydney region, and the first explicitly paleoconservative-leaning association in Australia. We are the only local group that embraces the political currents of contemporary dissident reaction. We receive no public funding, are not affiliated to any political party or group, and are endorsed by no-one other than our members and supporters. While we are a fellow of the Hestia Society for Social Research (the peak representative body of contemporary neoreaction) we nevertheless operate as an autonomous association.

Attendees at our functions and events include students, recent graduates and young professionals. Many of these were engaged in university politics, some are members of major political parties today or engaged in grassroots civic campaigning. All of us share an interest in the cultural direction Australia has taken since the soixanthuitards took over the institutions of state and civil society. We acknowledge the uniqueness of Occidental civilisation and despair at the passivity of our national “leaders” while the destruction of our cultural icons continues unabated.

Our purpose is to educate, inform and challenge prevailing assumptions about the nature of man and society, while creating an environment where strategies for local paleoconservative campaigning can be discussed and organised. We provide a forum where ideas once understood to be common sense can be exchanged, debated and discussed, unfettered and ungagged by modern liberal thought-control:

When the institutional and cultural Left dominates all facets of mainstream public life, we are the sidestream. We are the counter-counter-culture. We are the return to normalcy.

Although many of our friends, associates and attendees at our functions may come from different rightist schools of thought, our policy is to create a forum within which ideas can be challenges, tested and debated in a collegiate atmosphere of mutual respect. We do not necessarily endorse or agree with the entire worldview of any one faction, but we recognise that all camps of the political and cultural sidestream share a common concern over the moral bankruptcy of the dominant establishment party blocs. We are of one mind insofar as we seek to rejuvenate a decayed system that has failed our civilisation, our nation and our people.

SydneyTrads will be updated on an ad hoc basis as functions and events are organised.